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Mosquito Repellent Service Atlanta GA

Mosquito Free Homes and Yards

Due to the Tuxedo Mosquito Control automatic insect misting systems, families can more fully enjoy their homes, inside and out, without the use of harsh and highly toxic chemicals. Mosquitoes and other insects are removed from the area making patio, pool, and general yard areas much more comfortable for outdoor gatherings, parties, and meals. This added benefit makes warmer seasons much easier to enjoy with socializing and outdoor activities which are the hallmark of spring and summer months.

Pyrethrum of Chrysanthemum Flowers Deters Pests!

The flower of Tanacetum cinerariae folium, which is a species of the chrysanthemum plant family, produces Pyrethrum, which is a powerful insecticide right in nature! Throughout Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, and Tanzania, these interesting plants were grown for commercial use while Kenya and Tasmania are the current primary sources. During the processing of these plants, the mature pyrethrum flowers are picked by hand, laid in the sun to dry, and processed to extract the active ingredient pyrethrins, which are mixture of different plant esters. Tuxedo Mosquito Control uses this natural insecticide to keep your home free of unwanted insects.

Tuxedo®Mosquito Control Maintains Your System

Having an automatic, maintenance free insect controlling system has a number of advantages. Not only are toxic insect sprays unnecessary, but Tuxedo Mosquito Control system is comprised of a botanical insecticide formed of Pyrethrins found within chrysanthemum flowers, which covers the entire yard area with a fine mist. Once the mist is released during early morning and early evening hours, it falls to settle on foliage and landscaping where it kills mosquitoes that contact it. Thus two-three times per day, the system protects your yard and due to mist release times, most diurnal and beneficial insects do not come into contact with the spray. Sunlight and rain degrade Pyrethrins, leaving the yard free of residue.

Prior to installation we offer an extensive obligation free evaluation of your property. Information is all assessed which helps us to ascertain the best way to install the system. Homeowners are often asked to discuss their use of the yard, how often they use it, at what hours and other information which will aid our team in the design of a custom built system tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle needs.

Pyrethrum Effectiveness

Research has revealed new uses for Pyrethrum including the “activation” effect which essentially acts to deactivate insect central nervous system control. This natural insecticide is thus powerful enough to immobilize unwanted insects which come into contact within a short period of time. When combined with a synergist, pyrethrums are fast acting and highly effective at keeping unwanted insects away from exposed areas.

Misting: Protect Outdoor Areas

Evidence that misting technology works well to protect outdoor areas from unwanted insects may be seen in the fact that it has been used for over 30 years in a variety of ways. The effectiveness of the system may only be fully appreciated from first hand experience, and within the last two years alone an upsurge in the number of misting systems installed has been climbing. Due to the fact that the market for misting is relatively new, many homeowners who do hear about it opt to have the system installed to protect outdoor patio areas and to prevent mosquitoes from attacking guests during gatherings. The effectiveness of the system is evident by the increasing number of installs over the years, which may be occurring due to word of mouth.

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