Mosquito Killer Atlanta GA

What installation and operation requirements apply?

Based on the home and yard size a specific system is set up to best fit the space. Maintenance and installation are based on these factors, including cost. Most conventional pest control options do not provide as effective a system, which is tailored to best serve the space in which it is installed.

What insecticide is used?

From the chrysanthemum flower comes pyrethrum, which is extracted to ward off insects. This substance naturally protects the flower and does not become ineffective over time like many synthetic compounds.

Is Pyrethrum harmful to pets?

Pyrethrum has been used as a low toxicity insecticide in agricultural and equine areas for a quarter century. During this time, no known harmful effects have developed and pyrethrum is free of the more harmful solvents, petroleum distillates, and oils that can be found in other synthetic compounds.

Does Pyrethrum leave a residue?

Unlike other solvents which can leave harmful residues, Pyrethrum is 100% biodegradable and dissolves after use.

How is Pyrethrum different from standard insecticides?

With less insecticide used, Pyrethrum provides full protection so insect problems are controlled without having to spray excessively, which ultimately means a more cost effective solution.

What other insects are affected by Pyrethrum?

Nearly all insects are repelled or killed by Pyrethrum. The only commonly known insect which remains unaffected by Pyrethrum is the wood-bumble-bee. Homeowners who wish to ward off only certain kinds of insects as opposed to others may wish to speak with our professionals further about how to best protect their yard and home.

What operates the misting system?

A major benefit of this system is that it operates automatically and Tuxedo Mosquito Control maintains the system for you. Thus homeowners and families are able to enjoy a mosquito free yard without having to prepare ahead of time and plan, etc.

What system maintenance is required?

All maintenance is handled by Tuxedo Mosquito Control, which includes:

  • Rinsing intake filter during drum refills
  • Washing intake filter to prevent nozzle tip and filter clogs
  • Annually washing tank to remove bacterial growth or residue accumulation (no preservatives or chlorines are present within the mixture which would interfere with the natural insecticide)

When are refills required?

Refills depend on the following:

  • Number of spray nozzles installed
  • Number of sprays per 24 hour period
  • Severity of the insect problem
  • Length of each spray cycle

Each customer is provided with a chart which shows the life of each tank based on spray cycles. Additionally, once a tank reaches a level of just two-three inches of liquid, the system automatically shuts off.

What does operating the timer involve?

Each system is generally set at two sprays per day at 35 seconds each. The number of sprays may be altered depending on the situation and number of unwanted insects in the area. A maximum of six sprays every 24 hours is typically adequate for accelerated yard protection, which means less insecticide is necessary overall.

Is the system covered under warranty?

Each system is covered by a two-year warranty, including equipment and labor, so long as only Pyrethrum insecticide is used. Maintenance instructions provided by our knowledgeable team help to prolong the life of the system, and following any instructions carefully may help to prevent damaged parts. We carry a complete stock of replacement parts should replacement become necessary during the life of the system, though most of our customers experience years of service with no need for replacements.

Customer Promise: Our Maintenance Agreement

All maintenance during the life of the system is handled by Tuxedo Mosquito Control including any monitoring, winterizing, refilling, or repairs. Thus families can enjoy a peaceful and protected yard with minimal concerns or hassles.

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